Friday, December 28, 2007

Curiosity Leads to Life

This is a quote I heard in a sermon a while back and have been pondering it ever since. For the last several weeks I have felt a sense of plateauing in my spiritual life. When I first rediscovered my passion for Jesus Christ I felt as a small child, that everything was different, new, and exciting, and then I plateaued.

One of my frustrations with friendships is when it becomes one sided, you are the only one putting anything into it. At first all is going well and then after a time you feel as though you've discovered everything there is to know about the person and all of a sudden the friendship begins to dissipate, to dissolve as it were. All of a sudden you are the only one putting any time and energy into the friendship. I actually had a relationship like this once. I always felt more or less like a burden, like he'd rather be doing anything else but spend time with me. I wonder sometimes if Christ doesn't feel the same way about my relationship with Him?

Curiosity leads to life. Can this be true of one's spiritual life? For me to have a meaningful, joyful spiritual life it would make sense that it would require a certain amount of curiosity. We are called to have child like faith. Have you ever watched a group of children? They are full of curiosity, everything is different for them, and they are excited by it.

Unfortunately I as an adult tend to get sidetracked by other things in my life and lose my sense of curiosity, awe and admiration of my God. A relationship with God becomes another duty I have to perform. Nothing terribly special. So I wonder then, if I intend to have a meaningful and joyful spiritual would not require at least a certain amount of input on my part? Does it not also require a sense of curiosity, almost of expectancy, what is God going to teach me today?

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